Monday, 25 February 2008

3 weeks in...

What can I say that is publishable? Most things here have either changed or are about to change, but I'm sworn to secrecy.

In (almost) the words of someone famous: "I'm going out to Germany...I may be some time."

Still, it's quite nice to be hirin' and firin' again...

Sunday, 10 February 2008

First week report

And so the first week is over.
The highlights and lowlights...
Day 1 - "What have I done? How can I get out of this NOW?"
Day 2 - "Maybe I'm going to like this after all..."
Day 3 - "What do you mean the chairman thinks I'm a superstar?"
Day 4 - "Is it time to go home already? I was having so much fun..."

The other major upside was my first proper Weizenbier for a long time. The major downside was having to wait until Thursday evening for my first proper Weizenbier for a long time (although I did destroy a couple of pils and a few glasses of wine on the other nights...)

Belated HB to DD. And have a good week, everyone!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Auf wiedersehen...

Farewell, farewell,
Auf wiedersehen, adieu.

And ya and ya and ya....

Friday, 1 February 2008

Ich bin ein Frankfurter

Sorry to leave you all hanging.

What a strange week. On Wednesday they told me they'd given the job to someone else and the next day they offered me a different job. Same money, same 3 month deal, same location...just a more interesting role, better suited to me and leading my CV somewhere far more interesting.

I start on Tuesday!

But seriously, which would you rather be, a Hamburger, a Frankfurter or a Berliner?

Translation: Hamburger = minced cow in a sesame seed bun (other types of bun are available), Frankfurter = minced pork in a sausage or Berliner = a doughnut.

Time to use my classic jaw-dropping play on words again, methinks. You see, Frankfurt is in the state of Hessen. And plastic in German is Kunststoff. When you say something is 'plasticky' or artificial the word is 'kunstlich'. So I ask people: Does that mean that something from Hessen is 'hesslich'? 'Haesslich', by the way (which is pronunciated the same as hesslich would be in some parts of Germany and pronunciated 'expresso' in other parts) actually means ugly. The real word for something from Hessen is 'hessisch'...

Laugh? Not if you're hessisch...